Sing a Happy Tune!

When I think of collaboration, I immediately think of memorable vocal artists coming together and giving fans something to remember.  I am sure some of your favorites are coming to mind, maybe Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder – ”For Once In My Life” ; Maroon 5 and Rhianna  – “ If I Never See Your Face Again; Elton John and Leon Russell– “If It Wasn’t for Bad”  or perhaps, Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat –”Lucky”.  You might even be humming that favorite song right now.  For me, well, I bet you can guess what comes to my mind, just take into account that I have one teen and two tween daughters –  for those of you who thought Taylor Swift you are right!   The Taylor Swift collaboration with Ed Sheeran – “Everything Has Changed” plays over and over in my mind thanks to my loving daughters!  A successful collaborative effort after all is hard to ignore.

We are betting our partner districts will feel the same way about our collaboration with Pearson and their student information management system, PowerSchool.  The union may not have a catchy tune, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on one!  The point is this partnership will have an immeasurable impact on real-time, data- driven decisions for children.  This union will make real-time data the norm and immediately available to all necessary educators.  It will seamlessly integrate two amazing products.   It will make you sing your favorite song!

Read on for the full press release.

Pearson Collaborates with eSPED Special Population Student Information Management Solutions

eSPED, a provider of special population student information management solutions, has joined the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program of Pearson’s K-12 Technology group.

eSTAR—eSPED’s cloud-based applications for multi-authored student documents and expertly engineered analytical tools provides teachers access to accurate student information, a common platform for collaboration with colleagues, efficiency, and valuable time with their students. eSPED is a leader in document compliance and is paving the road for data driven decisions in schools across the nation.

The seamless connection between PowerSchool and eSTAR enables school administrators simplified management and immediate access to special population student information. With this partnership, Pearson is able to provide schools working with eSPED access to eSTAR through its PowerSchool student information system. According to George Dhionis, President and Founder of eSPED, “We are extremely pleased to be working in partnership with Pearson, specifically their student information system, PowerSchool. This joint effort and integration affords districts two state of the art applications and provides immediate data streaming of student information.”

The eSTAR suite, comprised of special population student data management modules; including, RTI, IEP, ELL, Medicaid and more, allows schools to electronically manage, track, and archive student data, while keeping up-to-date with federal and state compliance requirements. The eSTAR suite delivers compliance verification, state-reporting validation, report filtering for data-driven decisions with highly secure end-to-end application access.

“It’s exciting to see Pearson and eSPED working together to improve education through technology,” said Luyen Chou, Chief Product Officer of Pearson. “Together, our solutions provide administrators and educators the means to make real-time, data-driven decisions and create opportunities for personalized learning based on individual needs.”

Further information about Pearson’s PowerSchool is available at Go to to learn more about eSTAR.


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