National Bullying Prevention Month: A conversation that should last all year

Prevent bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month in the U.S. but we think this important issue should be highlighted throughout the year. Here are five ideas from that school staff, parents, and other adults can use to help prevent bullying.

1.       Include text that addresses violent behavior in your school mission statement.

2.       Make sure your school code of conduct is detailed and outlines the positive behaviors expected of your community. Make sure that it is visible to everyone.

3.       Create and distribute a student bill of rights that includes positive things that children can expect while at school. If it is short, it may be easier to remember.

4.       Establish an easy-to-use reporting system that can help show negative behavioral issues and emerging patterns over time. Ensure reports are private so staff and students feel safe when reporting incidents.

5.       Considering giving an annual “state of the school” speech that reminds your community of school policy on bullying and other harmful behaviors.

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