eStar Archive

One of the biggest challenges for teachers and administrators who are managing special populations is the amount of paperwork that comes with the job. We created eSTAR Archive to be the dependable answer to all of your organizational needs.

 Our secure digital file cabinet allows you to create and maintain a completely paperless system for all special population student data. Through the system’s powerful storage capabilities, districts can archive signature pages, progress reports, medical records, audio files, and any other important paper or electronic document. Registered users can access these files instantly, anywhere there is a secure internet connection.
  • Cost-effective solution for storing student records for more than the required seven years

  • Quickly send archived documents to parents or colleagues in eSTAR, no need to print or email

  • Store correspondence from parents so it is linked to that student’s record

  • Historic student files are just a click away and can be easily imported into this year’s forms

  • Batch printing option saves time

  • Redundancy-based security model ensures your files will not be lost