eStar Full and Individual Evaluation

Once a child has been referred to special education, it is incumbent upon teachers and administrators to thoroughly evaluate the student, based on a wide range of criteria. The eSTAR Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) application provides a simple, orderly way to document evaluations, while meeting critical federal and state mandates. This resource allows comprehensive reporting of all of relevant sources of data, including assessment, observation, questionnaires, and more. Gain a dependable tool for consolidating your data, supporting your team, and helping students.

  • Easily document referrals

  • Filter activities based on specific domains of disability, such as physical and mental health, language abilities, medical findings, and more

  • Streamline IEP development with key FIE data replication on state-specific forms

  • Conduct a clear, multi-level review of existing data, individually or as a team