eStar Individual Education Program

eStar Annual Review and Dismissal

The eSTAR Individual Education Program (IEP) and eSTAR Annual Review and Dismissal (ARD) applications bring order to the creation and revision of student reports. Designed as the only data management tool special education teachers and administrators will ever need, our IEP solution functions as a true database, a powerful reporting mechanism, and a secure archive. The application guarantees full compliance and accessibility at each stage of the document generation (or revision) process.

  • All federal and state mandates are included (with actual DOE and TEA wording) in eSTAR

  • When mandates change, all relevant updates are quickly and automatically made in the system

  • Provides a customizable bank of goals and objectives

  • Parent Portal and electronic signature enable quick parental consent

  • Integrated language translation services and digital archive included in application

  • Easily create reports that compare child’s progress to IEPs

  • Includes progress reports by marking period

  • Easily add other time-saving eSTAR applications to your dashboard, at any time all of your data will be connected across your digital base of operations