eStar Medicaid

eStar Medicaid ensures timely and accurate Medicaid reimbursement for schools by providing an easy system for the collection of error-free information from health care providers. The application also tracks live status updates relating to claims, providing users with a real-time snapshot of reimbursements.

 The application pulls together a concise, private record of each child’s medical history that is helpful for district administrators. This data can be quickly added to other critical student documents. Users can also export data to submit to a third-party partner for monetary reimbursement.
  • Identifies children who are Medicaid eligible

  • Faster reimbursement and lower recoupment rates

  • Guaranteed HIPAA Regulatory Compliance, no matter which provider is billing

  • Error-free data recorded directly in the IEP form, through the application

  • Easily records services rendered to each child, such as OT, PT, SLP, and TP

  • Converts daily logs into a file that can be digitally submitted to Medicaid