eSTAR Response to Intervention

eSTAR RTI represents a comprehensive framework for tracking the progress of students struggling in specific curricular areas (e.g., reading, math) and students who struggle behaviorally. It meets 2006 IDEA regulations, incorporating new early intervention service requirements for identifying children with specific learning disabilities.

Users have the ability to quickly measure student progress using a dynamic, visual model.

  • Document strategies taken to help a child remain in regular education

  • Quickly share information with all staff involved in providing services for a child

  • Ensure referrals for special education are based on student’s complete history

  • Decrease inappropriate referrals to special education

  • Easily meet No Child Left Behind Act and requirements of section 504 of Civil Rights Act

  • Biographical and demographic data is pre-loaded for users

  • Organize the complete evaluation process within a bounded and consistent system